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Trading Stories, Working Lives: Nathaniel Orringe, miller and baker of Shepshed

Take a look at our latest Trading Stories, Working Lives occupational history – Nathaniel Orringe, a miller and baker in 18th century Shepshed.

Over two centuries after it was written, I discover the will signed by my ancestor, Nathaniel Orringe, a miller and baker of Shepshed.

Nathaniel’s will is one of thousands of Leicestershire records recently scanned, indexed and uploaded to the Find My Past website. One phrase in it especially catches my interest: “All that Plot or Parcel of Ground with the Wind Mill and all other Buildings thereupon Erected… in the Lordship or Liberty of Sheepshead aforesaid and now in my own Possession.” Inspired by this glimpse – and the prospect of finding a windmill – I decide to investigate.

Download the full story here: Nathaniel Orringe, miller and baker of Shepshed.

If you have links with Leicestershire, then you might like to try Find My Past on a free 14-day trial: delve in to find parish registers, wills and probate records, and electoral rolls.

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