So, you’ve researched your family history, tracked down photographs and documents, and written it up into a carefully shaped storyline. Now what? At Auntie Mabel we’ll take you – step-by-step – through a broad range of creative approaches for publishing your family history.

  • Create a photo-book using ready-made design templates
  • Print your stories as a bespoke book or upload it as an e-book
  • Make the most of the design functions within off-the-shelf genealogy software packages
  • Consider non-book formats, such as postcards and greetings cards
  • Produce a family history slideshow online
  • Make your own recording or podcast, using storytelling and interviews
  • Create your own blog or website
  • Use your resources and creativity to craft a family history scrapbook

FH photo-book sample spread

There are no rules, just try out our ideas and decide what works best, as a means of capturing your family story and presenting it in a way that will engage your family and audiences beyond. We ask you to think too about the legacy you’re creating…  how can you share your stories, and create an heirloom for future generations to cherish?