Book Club: Once a month we cherry-pick a family history or biography to get you fired up. Some titles are new, others were published a while back, but all of the books we recommend have something special to offer: an innovative structure, a creative use of language, an appealing visual presentation, a rattling good plot. We review them, of course, but we also look at how you, as a family historian, can draw inspiration from them.

Trading Stories, Working Lives: This is our series of occupational histories. From boatmen to builders, tailors to taxidermists, we take a closer look at how our ancestors earned a living. The articles draw upon diverse sources – newspaper clippings, professional directories, freemen’s records, company adverts and more – and each one provides a glimpse of social history. Dip in, then try writing something similar about your own ancestors’ working lives.

Useful Websites: Family history websites are ten a penny. But which websites are really worth spending time on? We seek out those that are rich with family history content, ones that will help you progress your research, and others that will help you to publish and share your stories. Our shortlists and reviews will help you navigate your way around the online world of family history.