Glimpses course flyer section

Glimpses: Getting Started With Writing Your Family History

You’ve spent time researching your family history, you’ve got a file of notes, and now you’re looking to make sense of it – to put the story into your family history. This course will help you get started.

Over a series of six sessions, you’ll create a collection of short ‘glimpses’ into your ancestors’ lives, inspired by family history resources – old photos, census returns, local history materials, newspaper snippets, and heirlooms.

Try  your hand at a range of writing activities, begin to interpret and enrich your research in new ways, and build up a portfolio to share with your family. We’re not aiming for participants to write an end-to-end family history, but instead to develop skills and approaches that they can build upon. And there’s scope to share some of your stories with a wider audience on the Auntie Mabel website.

When and where? We’re currently setting up a Glimpses course to start in London shortly. To find out more and to register your interest, please send us an email.