Trading Stories, Working Lives

Trading Stories, Working Lives: John W Barker & Sons, painters and decorators

We continue our series of occupational histories with a look at John W Barker & Sons, painters and decorators

JWB shop Belvior Street

Three generations of Barkers “Opened the Way to Decorations of Distinction at Moderate Prices” and hopefully, in the process, added a dash of colour to Leicester life. Our latest Trading Stories, Working Lives article explores the growth of a family business from modest beginnings in 1862 until its sale in 1948, illustrated with adverts from trade directories and newspapers.

1926 JWB advert by Roland Barker

Nip into Barker’s shop to find a large assortment of borders, friezes, dadoes, French and English paper hangings! Click to download the full article: John W Barker & Sons, painters and decorators

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